The Pharmacist

The Pharmacist

The things you fill,
For the ones who ill,
In that white Apron,
So peculiar, all look upon,

You are a Pharmacist,
All know what that is,
You fill, you dispense,
Using your ‘Pharmasense’

Skilled professional you are,
Willing to dispense above par,
You welcome with a smile,
Prescription you accept meanwhile,

Read those dank lines,
You never fumble,
Listen to patient’s whines,
Maintaining your humble,

Read again while he waits,
You never forget to check the dates,
Interpret physician’s order,
Detect any therapeutic incompatibility,
Without any anomaly,

“Twice a day, take this Macberry,
It is like a strawberry”,
Pack and label,
Then you submit,

Job is of great responsibility,
Dispensing and advising,
Ensuring supply and quality of medicines,
You do with great vitality,

In our country India,
You are the lifeline of the common folk,
Those who can’t afford the ‘200’,
Of the man in Stethoscope,
-Vedant Lokhande